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“The body is perhaps the primary metaphor for a society’s perception of itself. The individual and spoken language are what make up the social body, the physical body is kind of boundary between biology and society, between drives and discourse.”

The Artist’s Body’ by A. Jones, T. Warr, 2012

Born in Slovakia 1988 (shortly before the fall of communism in ČSR), Sonia moved to United Kingdom straight after she reached 18 years. She graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2016 with BA degree in Fine Art and MA degree in Contemporary Arts.

'The aim is to create a powerful experience for an audience, to shake the views with dark and disturbing visions. I am creating a variety of progresses and then developing their outcomes. My installations are set up in dark spaces, where the viewer is able to peer into unnatural quasi-scientific experiments - to let the mind full of imagination go from our day to day routine.'

Sonia Dobaj is an interdisciplinary artist, mainly creating dark space installations where the light and sound plays important role. Her work reflects her personal concerns of the environmental global changes that occur in our malign presence. As a result the outcomes of these changes are mirrored in each of us. 

Her work captures the dialog between the scientific and instinctive, an energy that sits at the core of our lives. She works with biological and anatomical structural changes that are happening in our bodies. In her work beings have been simplified to underline the basic forces for emerging life.

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